Water, water everywhere… but is it clean enough to use?

Most people turn on their faucet and assume the water is clean without considering the treatment used to ensure its safety. But water and the water treatment processes used by pharmaceutical, biotech, manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare industries, to name a few, impact individuals and businesses every day.

Water quality is more important than ever in across industries. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies must maintain the highest level of water purity to stay compliant under FDA oversight.  Manufacturers are subject to more – and more stringent – state and local regulations each year for the treatment and disposal of the water they use.

Water quality monitoring is provided by integrated systems comprised of hardware and software that tracks a comprehensive set of parameters. Increasing demand for industrial water treatment and tighter quality specification are driving rapid growth in the market for effective treatment equipment, preventative maintenance, and remote system monitoring.

Across the board, maintaining water quality in any application depends on TIME and SPEED, with a need for real-time monitoring and alerting to address problems immediately – or even before it occurs.

As a leader in water systems management, can you confidently answer the following questions at any point during your business day?

  • Do you know which of your customers require urgent maintenance, right now?
  • Do you know, in real-time, if all of your installations are performing within specification and providing the best, safest water quality?
  • Are you efficient as you could be in your maintenance logistics and service operation?
  • Are you wasting resources or frustrating customers due to a lack of proactive, real-time alerting?

Technology can provide you with affordable tools and information so you can answer these questions with certainty. The most promising advance will soon be a ‘must-have’ for all manufacturers and distributors: cost-effective, wireless IoT sensor technology.  When determining the best solution for your water treatment and quality monitoring applications, be sure to include the following on your:

Data Collection – Wireless light sensors that identify color in the industry-standard Red/Green Water Quality Indicator Light, and send real-time data and alerts, preferably to a secure cloud platform.

Customization – Don’t use an indicator light? Be sure the IoT light sensor can be customized to the current quality monitor you have in place in your water systems. For maximum flexibility, select a centralized quality monitoring and alerting solution that is compatible with all systems and brands.  This will give you more options as you expand your business.

Mobile App Dashboard – Perhaps most critical to successful water management is having real-time monitoring and alerts at your fingertips on a mobile dashboard for all your water systems at every location. Even better, add other system monitors to personalize your dashboard – including power, internet, temperature, heater, tank level, water leak detection – to have a more holistic view of your operations.

The benefits are very clear:

Save – Keep your maintenance operation lean and focused on the customers that need service. No more guessing about which customers need service and which don’t.

System Performance – Identify your best performing installations and your underperformers. See how your systems compare against industry benchmarks.

Satisfaction – IoT sensors and wireless dashboards are easy and inexpensive to set up and operate.  They utilize power-efficient technology and ensure your water system installations are performing to the high-quality standards your customers expect.

After a bit of research and due diligence to find the solution that works best for your business, you too can be a leader in IoT sensor technology for water systems.

How’s that for refreshing? Just  like a cold glass of water!