Equilibrium Point at NECA Annual Table Top Re-Imagined

On Tuesday, June 4, the EQP team had the pleasure of exhibiting at the New England Car Wash Association’s annual table top show and tour event. One of NECA’s four main annual events, the spring time show is always a great opportunity to catch up with customers and colleagues from our local area. This year, Sherri Oken and the folks at NECA changed things up a bit, trying out a different format and type of venue. From our perspective, it was a resounding success. The schedule allowed more time for informal conversation, and the venue at Boston Winery was fantastic (the winery was new to us, and if it’s a well-kept secret it won’t stay one for long). Everyone we spoke to mentioned that the evening was not only a valuable use of their time, but fun as well.

Next up on the NECA calendar is their On-the-Road networking event at Cisco Brewers in Portsmouth, NH (Tuesday June 11 at 5:30 – location at 35 Corporate Drive Portsmouth, NH). We hope to see you there!