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Get Started!

1 How many locations do you need to cover?

This will determine how many gateways (monitor hubs) we'll send you.

2 Detail the total amount of monitors you'll need for all locations:

  • Chemical Level Monitoring Track the real-time level of your chemical tanks with an easy-to-install sensor.
  • Internet and Power System Monitoring Detect the minute your locations go offline or off the power grid.
  • Control System Monitoring Make sure your Control System is always up and running.
  • Point of Sale System Monitoring Don't lose any customers! We'll tell you as soon as your POS system goes down.
  • Revenue Monitoring See how your Point of Sale revenue evolves day by day
  • Website Uptime Monitoring We can monitor your website and other web apps every minute to make sure they are up.
  • Temperature Monitoring We can monitor temperature in your bays, conveyors, control room, and any other area.
  • Text alerts The first 3 phone numbers are included for free. Add any more phone numbers you need!
  • Chemical Analytics Analyze your chemical costs per wash type. Includes integation with POS,
  • Coin Machine Monitoring Never run out of change
  • Vacuum Monitoring Know the number of minutes each of your vacuums were ON today and their Amps.
  • Water TDS Monitoring Know if your water TDS level is acceptable real time. *Requires Resilite TDS not included.
  • Heating System w/ Auto-Adjust Protect your outdoor systems from freezing. Our heaters' power automatically adjusts based on predictive outdoor temperature.
  • Door Monitoring Get alerted when room, bay, tunnel or other doors open
  • Pipe Temperature Monitoring We can monitor temperature in your wash pipes.
  • Maintenance Tasks Monitoring Know when your maintenance tasks are due! Indicate how many tasks you need to monitor
  • Chemical Level Industrial Monitor Heavy-Duty. Wired. Track the real-time level of your chemical tanks in harsh environments.

Your subscription will include:

  • All the sensors you selected
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Web and mobile access to real-time dashboard
  • Text and e-mail alerts
  • Historic data
  • Sensor protection plan: proactive sensor replacement based on our predictive data