Equilibrium Point Partnership with Helium, “The People’s Network”

Can IoT and LoRaWAN Transform Your Car Wash Business? The Answer is: YES!

Equilibrium Point IoT advances research, development, and deployment of innovative IoT Solutions. Using a strong network of partners and streamlined workflows, even the most complex projects are taken on for enhanced customer products and services with consideration of the end-user experience.

It is no surprise that many businesses view IoT solutions as complex, expensive, and paired with highly skilled technical expertise. This is especially true for the car wash industry, which is characterized by an increasingly competitive business landscape. Our customers don’t especially care about IoT per se; they care about simplicity, avoiding outages, and keeping customers happy and coming back.

Enter Helium. Helium has built the world’s largest, fastest-growing peer-to-peer wireless network, ‘The People’s Network’, that provides a secure and cost-effective way for low-power IoT devices to send data to and from the Internet. Helium’s network enables Equilibrium Point to provide operational cost analytics to help determine a competitive price point for loyalty programs critical to revenue growth goals. This is in addition to a full suite of wireless, power-efficient sensors, and a centralized “call to action” mobile app with real-time alerting. Car wash owners can now easily deploy all of this to transform car wash operations, realize true cost savings and better insights into their business.

“Our mission is aligned with that of Helium, we’re thrilled to be doing our part in building The People’s Network,” said Lucas Merrow, CEO of Equilibrium Point IoT, “In the same way, we want to extend IoT technologies across the large network of dedicated workers and industrial business owners to transform the way business is done.”

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To learn more, please tune in to our latest webinar, The Uplink Episode on May 25th at 9am ET/12pm PT, with and Equilibrium Point and Helium.